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  • Rock your curb appeal and show off your personality and style with these easy and cost-effective front entrance ideas that can be tackled in a weekend.

    5 Easy Front Entrance Ideas

    Whether you are prepping for a steady stream of guests throughout the summer or need to seriously upgrade your home’s…

  • DIY Tassel Decor is an easy, budget-friendly fix for those blank walls. Visit the post for tassel inspiration and how-to tutorial.

    More DIY Tassel Decor

    “I just don’t get the tassel,” Mike said after I decorated the living room wall with my first DIY Tassel…

  • Forcing Narcissus Bulbs

    One year, a while ago, my mom sent me an amaryllis bulb kit around the holidays. I don’t remember being…

  • A room's evolution is a fun thing to watch and play with.

    Evolution Of A Room

    How do you sit down in an empty room, with no budget, and create a home you love filled with…

  • DIY pipe shelf: an easy, budget-friendly addition to any room.

    DIY Pipe Shelf

    Even though there’s nothing terribly new about the DIY pipe shelf, I’m still a huge fan! Flexibility and cost-effectiveness aside,…