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    concrete paver feature

    DIY Concrete Pavers

    I’m so in love with our new concrete pavers. They are the perfect addition to a walkway on the side of the house that used to be covered in pea gravel.

    If you’ve ever had pea gravel, you know that it winds up everywhere.  The gravel pieces get stuck in the tread of your shoes and travel with you. Our Redwood deck next to the pea gravel is pitted with gravel “kisses,” and the gravel found its way into the house, making walking barefoot a household liability. Pea gravel even showed up in the bathroom. The bathroom!

    Now, you don’t have to have spent time completing a DIY bathroom renovation to be horrified by the thought of pea gravel destroying your tiled floors and grout.

    Time for a change! Continue reading…

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